Orange Box

welcome to the big orange box

In 2009, a group of individuals committed to combining the influences of the church and the family was chatting over wings. They were about to embark on opening a new church campus and wished they had a landmark that would simplify giving directions. Listening to them dream out loud, an artist friend began to sketch on a napkin. He envisioned a large orange structure, woven together by yellow and red wires that would simply be referred to as "the big orange box next to K-Mart."

You might ask why the box is orange and not blue or fuchsia. We love the color orange because we believe that combining the yellow light of the church and the red heart of the family can accomplish incredible things in the heart of a child. At Parker Hill Community Church, we want to partner with parents and the family because both/and is exponentially more powerful than either/or.

Several like-minded people have donated their dollars, time, and services to see the completion of the box. It is because of them that an idea transformed from a napkin doodle to a 25 foot tall landmark. They know that this is about much more than just physical direction and finding the nearest shopping center; it's about helping entire families find the way back to God.

give credit where credit is due

Casey Walter

Casey, the artist, lives in New York City with his wife Laura. Here is what Casey has to say about working on the Big Orange Box: "Working on the Big Orange Box was a delight. Metal scraps. Sparks flying. Fingers burning. Muscles flexing and unicorns leaping with joy. I got to work with [an] amazing team, and from there, ideas rolled and with each discovery, a new one emerged. It was a seemingly effortless collaboration that was simply born out of a good idea - the right idea."

reThink Group

The Big Orange Box would never have been dreamed of if not for the ground-work laid by Reggie Joiner and the reThink Group. Formerly known as FamilyWise and founded in 1995, the reThink Group specializes in helping the family and the church collaborate to bring about the greatest force in the life of a child. Click on the image to the right to learn more about the reThink Group and Orange strategy.

Hard Workers
Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this project:
  • Beverly
  • Nicole
  • Kerry
  • Stephanie
  • Micah
  • Doug
  • Gino
  • Joe
  • Ed
  • Tom
  • Dave
  • Gary
  • Kyle
  • Tim

where to find us

We are located on Business Route 6,
next to K-Mart.

933 Scranton Carbondale Hwy.
Scranton, PA 18508


what we do

Quake for Middle Schools

(6th-8th Grades)

Quake Our goal is to direct all the energy and passion of middle school students toward the most important ends. We meet every Sunday from 11:15-12:30am for worship, Bible teaching, and small group interaction.


(9th-12th Grades)

Velocity We desire to see every student take ownership of his and her faith. Join us every Wednesday at 7:00pm for a time of interest-based small groups and Bible study.


(Kindergarten-5th Grades)

KidzJam KidzJam is a family-oriented production designed to introduce the Virtue of the Month for Epic Kidz. Join us the first Friday of the month, September through May, for a fun-packed time of singing, dancing, learning, and growing. Shows take place at 6 and 7:30pm.

facts about the big orange box

  • Sculpture constructed by Faull Fabricating, Inc. of Grove City, PA (website)
  • Concrete base completed by Benedict Construction, Inc. of Nicholson, PA (website)
  • Powder coating applied by GT Fabrication, Inc. of Pittston, PA (website)
  • Cable and fittings from Lexco Cable (website)
  • Website provided by Argyll Studios of Scranton, PA (website)
  • It weighs 3,972 pounds
  • The frame is 288 linear feet of 5 x 5 x 5/16 angle iron
  • It is 1,728 cubic feet or the equivalent volume of 1,080,001 ping pong balls